Your Sarcoma Story Form

Your Sarcoma Story 

Your "story" can be in written form using the form below and/or as video story, as music, art or craft. We encourage your creativity as you would like to best express your sarcoma "journey". Here are some options:

  • Write your story in the form below. Describe an aspect of what your have experienced or learned during your sarcoma journey as a patient, survivor or loved one of someone lost to sarcoma.
  • Video your story - Erin Clemens, is both a professional videographer and one who lost her father-in-law to sarcoma. Erin would be pleased to meet with you to hear and record your story first hand. Just check the box below and we will work out a convenient time for you to meet with Erin. You video may be used on our website.
  • Submit Art or Music - You have written music or have done artwork (i.e painting or quilt etc) that speaks to your sarcoma journey...
Your Contact Information

Story Information
Here are some questions that may assist you in writing your story:
1. What was the most unexpected/surprising aspect of treatment for you?
2. What was your most frustrating moment or experience?
3. Were there any little gestures of kindness that you will remember?
4. Having been through what you have, and knowing what you know now- If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing, what would it be?
5. Are their any myths about cancer or treatment that you wish to dispel?

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