RIS_Color_StackedRein in Sarcoma serves as a major means of support for sarcoma patients survivors and those who have lost a loved one to sarcoma. These include:

  • Rein in Sarcoma Gatherings are held semi-annually in the fall and early spring. This is a unique and supportive environment to meet other persons with sarcoma, to share and gain support.
  • The Sarcoma Patient Starter Notebook was first developed and published in 2007. It has been highly praised and requests come in weekly not only from the Upper Midwest but throughout the country. It is free to sarcoma patients and a PDF of the book can be found on this website.
    • The 7th Edition was published in January 2019. To learn more and to order a free copy.
    • To get access to a pdf version of the Notebook, complete the registration form.
  • Sarcoma Family Picnics are held each July in conjunction with the Annual Rein in Sarcoma Party in the Park Event. The picnic  is free to sarcoma patients, survivors, loved ones and those who may have lost a loved one to sarcoma. For more information on this year’s event.
  • Social Networking opportunities are provided through our RIS Facebook Site. Our Facebook site provides a means to interact, learn and support others who are facing sarcoma.
  • National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

Join the Rein in Sarcoma Support Network. The Network is designed to provide increasing resources and support for sarcoma patients, survivors and loved ones particularly in the Upper- Midwest. You will also be sent updates on support events such as Gatherings held several times a year in several Twin Cities locations. Peer to peer mentor is also available.

Join the Rein in Sarcoma Support Network.