RIS Brings Sarcoma Education to U of M and Mayo

Clohisy-AThe 2016 Rein in Sarcoma (RIS) scholars recently organized two highly educational and inspirational lunch lectures at the University of Minnesota and at the Mayo Clinic. The lectures brought together sarcoma scholars, doctors and medical students to discuss the importance of listening closely to patients and properly diagnosing sarcoma cancers.

On Tuesday, March 29 scholars Brendan Coutu and Susan Sun organized the University of Minnesota sarcoma lunch lecture on campus. Dr. Katie Dusenbery introduced the speakers, Kayla Dickhoff, a mother who lost her young daughter to sarcoma, and Dr. Denis Clohisy, MD who spoke to students about the importance of proper diagnosis. He stated that it’s always important to get a second opinion whenever they have the intuition that something about a patient’s symptoms are unusual.Read More