Spotlight on Osteosarcoma- FACTOR

FACTOR conference programIn February of this year, the first annual FACTOR conference was held and my wife and I attended. It is a grass roots organization started by three people to bring together oncologists, scientists, survivors of osteosarcoma, those under treatment and parents of those being treated. It is unique in that it brought together in one place many people interested in furthering osteosarcoma treatment. FACTOR means: Funding; Awareness; Collaboration; Trials; Osteosarcoma; Research.

In this two-day event there were many scientific papers presented, as well as many breakout sessions for such things as meetings of kids under treatment; grief sessions for parents. One of the papers was presented by Theresa Beech, a unique aerospace engineer, who had pulled together many of the genetic abnormalities of osteosarcoma, had talked with experts around the country and was acting as a focal point for discussion, and ultimately new therapies.

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