Thrivent Action Teams

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Do you have a Thrivent Financial Investment Policy, such as a Life insurance, LTC policy or an annuity? If so, you are eligible to start an action team to support RIS. The program is really simple.

As a Thrivent policy holder, support or join a RIS project (such as Party in the Park, RIS Gathering, Red Flags activity) or work with other RIS volunteers to help and complete a project within 90 days of the application and receive a $250 Visa Gift Card to use for each approved project.

The RIS projects can raise funds, support drives, fund an aspect of the Party in the Park, pay for educational events or patient support activities. Please consider using these dollars to benefit Rein in Sarcoma. In most cases you can apply for Thrivent action team dollars twice a year or up to $500 in support.

Use your imagination! You can use action team dollars for many things:

Party in the Park Ideas:

  • Ring toss supplies
  • Materials for an auction item you might donate
  • Expenses of the Sarcoma Family picnic
  • Supplies and organizing the Sarcoma Garden of Hope
  • Auction supplies
  • Promotional activities for the event

Other Ideas:

  • Postage or printing for the Annual Report or other important RIS mailing
  • Sarcoma Patient and Family Support Activity
  • Rent informational table educational conference

The Action team dollars you can utilize from Thrivent Action teams are separate from your Thrivent Choice Dollars which you can also direct to RIS as Rein in Sarcoma is a Thrivent Choice charity. Find out more about Thrivent Action Teams or contact RIS Executive Director Janelle Calhoun (763-205-1467) who can suggest projects to fund, guide you through the easy process and answer any questions you may have.