Introducing the Eight 2014-2015 RIS Sarcoma Scholars

2014-2015 Sarcoma Scholars

Thanks to the generosity of Jan and Tim Maudlin as well as payment for two additional scholars from the Roby Thompson Musculoskeletal Fund, Rein in Sarcoma has eight very talented and enthusiastic Scholars. This year in addition to increasing our University Scholars from three to five we have added three scholars from the Mayo Medical School. All eight Scholars started their year with a sarcoma boot camp at Dr. Dusenbery’s home.

2014-2015 Mayo Sarcoma Scholars

The Mayo Scholars are being mentored by Dr. Scott Okuno and Dr. Steven Robinson. They have already hosted a lecture on individualized medicine featuring a sarcoma patient for Mayo Medical Students. They are planning more activities during the year as well as attending the tumor conferences at Mayo.

2014-2015 Sarcoma Scholars

The University Scholars are also full of ideas, in addition to hosting a lunch lecture on Sarcoma for second year students at the Twin Cities Campus they are working on adding a lecture for second year medical students at the Duluth Campus. The University of Minnesota Students are mentored by Dr. Emily Greengard and Dr. Katherine Dusenbery. Each group has several other projects in the planning stage including both groups want to work on some form of identification of the rate of misdiagnosis and the causes. This information will be very helpful to the Red Flags Committee as we plan new educational initiatives. Both groups want to plan some sort of community event to raise awareness of sarcoma.

Meet our Sarcoma Scholars, Click here.