Learning about doctors’ knowledge of sarcoma

Physician's RefresherFamily Physicians take part in a RIS study of the knowledge of sarcoma among primary care providers.

This year our sarcoma scholars are designing surveys for primary care providers and the public to assess the general knowledge base about sarcoma. This research is being carried on under the direction of Dr. Dusenbery at the University of MN and Dr. Okuno at the Mayo Clinic. As the first step in this project the Rein in Sarcoma Red Flags Team surveyed over 80 doctors at our booth at the Family Physicians Conference. The doctors were very helpful Surveying Physiciansin filling out a two page survey telling us what they know about sarcoma, how often they have seen cases, and what symptoms alerted them to make the diagnosis. All of the results were given to the students and advisors to use as they study the present state of knowledge and work on ways to further sarcoma education among doctors.

The volunteers enjoyed talking to the doctors and the exhibitors at the other booths about sarcoma. It was a time to also tell our sarcoma stories to doctors and exhibitors and to hear some of their sarcoma stories. We also enjoyed our time together. Thanks to Michelle Kolling, Kevin O’Keefe, Janelle Calhoun, Elisabeth Will, Laura Gossett, Courtney and Marilyn Clemens, Sue and Pete Wyckoff who staffed the booth with great exuberance!

The next step in this study will come at the State Fair. Using a different survey we will have a booth at the Driven to Discover Building where we hope to survey at least 500 Minnesotans on their knowledge about sarcoma. We will be looking for people to volunteer to help with the booth so watch for the opportunity in the newsletter and come volunteer with us.

Physician's Spring Refresher