Sarcoma Education at the U

University of MN Medical StudentsOrganized by our two sarcoma scholars, Tori Bahr and Jim Stokman, a large group of medical students gathered for our annual lunch lecture on Sarcoma. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Chistain Ogilvie, sarcoma information became an official part of the medical school curriculum this year. So this lunch lecture was for many of the students a needed second exposure to information about sarcoma. Dr. Ogilvie led off the hour with a presentation on Sarcoma, what to look for in a medical history and the signs and symptoms of sarcoma. Dr. Ogilvie made the point that all physicians need to know the most common diseases and the most dangerous diseases even if rare. Sarcoma fits into the most dangerous disease category.

Jasmine BaultrippeDoctors also need to know the human side of disease so Dr Ogilvie was followed by presentations by Jasmine Baultrippe and Ruth Bachman. Jasmine told of her brother Julian’s misdiagnosis and subsequent death from Sarcoma both in terms of Julian’s experience as a patient and in terms of the lasting effects on his family. Julian saw six doctors before he was diagnosed. Jasmine asked the students present not to be doctor 1-5 but to learn about sarcoma and the benefits of a timely diagnosis.

Jasmine was followed by Ruth Bachman who gave a humorous and factual account of her diagnosis and treatment including deciding to choose life by having her dominant arm amputated. She is a true testament to the survivor spirit.

As they waited in line for their pizza, survivor and RIS Board member Kevin O’Keefe greeted each student and told them a small piece of his story and gave them the Red Flags Brochure and information about RIS.

Sarcoma Scholars 2013This was the eighth consecutive lecture educating students since Dr. Dusenbury conceived the idea. We hope that some of the early attendees are now out in practice saving lives with the knowledge they gained.

This annual lecture has become an important part of our continuing educational campaign.