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Rochester Fun Day a Great Success

2019 Rochester Fundraiser at Little Thistle Brewing Co

Dave Dolney, Katie Dolney, Dianna Robinson and Marlene Dolney accept Associated Bank donation

A great time was had by by all at the August 25 Rochester Sarcoma Research Fundraiser. The event brought together sarcoma patients and families as well as Mayo Clinic medical professionals and their families for an afternoon of outdoor fun and music by Six Mile Grove band members, Brandon Sampson and John Wheeler. Drs. Steven Robinson and Britany Siontis of Mayo Clinic spoke to the attendees about Sarcoma and Rein in Sarcoma's mission, along with Sarcoma Survivor, Kara Dolney who related her sarcoma journey. Over $3000 was raised for RIS research funding at the first of what is hoped to be an annual event. Thanks to all the participants!

A special thanks to Dianna Robinson and the Dolney Family for their organization of this fun, successful event. Thanks to Little Thistle Brewing Co for hosting the event and Associated Bank for their generous support.

RIS Patient Starter Notebook Expands to Duke Cancer Institute

RIS Patient Notebook 7th edition

Duke Cancer Institute logo

Duke Cancer Institute recently started distributing the Rein in Sarcoma Patient Starter Notebook to patients. The Notebook strives to provide information and support for patients and families fighting sarcoma. Rein in Sarcoma has recently released the 7th edition of the Patient Starter Notebook, which is being used by sarcoma patients around the globe.

Eugene Rossitch, Administrative Director for Duke Cancer Institute’s Gastrointestinal, Sarcoma and Melanoma disease groups, connected with Rein in Sarcoma and asked to have Notebooks for patients. Along with broadening the readership of the Notebook, his contributions included adding information about nearby hotels and providers specific to the Duke region. Rossitch likes how patients have access to many different resources. He also likes that the Notebook helps make patients aware of what the oncologists are doing to treat them. While Rossitch plays a more behind the scenes role with the Notebook, Nicole Mouser, RN interacts with patients on a personal level.

Nicole Mouser is the nurse clinician who provides patients with the Notebook once they have been diagnosed by a sarcoma doctor. She is, “A huge fan of the Notebook,” for many reasons. Usually when patients are first diagnosed, they go straight to the internet and are bombarded with information that could be false and not up to date. Mouser says that, “We diagnosis [the patients] and they walk out with information that is up to date and scientifically based.” Furthermore, Mouser, “Loves seeing their faces when we give it [the Notebook] to them.” Mouser really emphasizes the support systems and resource link in the Patient Starter Notebook since she strongly believes that patients and families will find that extremely useful. Mouser has had families that have emphasized how helpful they have found the Notebook.

Rossitch and Mouser are looking forward to what the future holds for the partnership between the Duke Cancer Institute and Rein in Sarcoma. Both hope to collaborate and work on more projects with Rein in Sarcoma in the upcoming months and years. Rein in Sarcoma, Rossitch and Mouser all agree that having a collaborative, inclusive environment for all is vital in ensuring that the best steps are taken to ease the fight for sarcoma patients. With the Rein in Sarcoma Patient Starter Notebook now being distributed to patients at Duke Cancer Institute we will be able to lend support to more people affected by sarcoma.

--Article by Miranda Mead

All Volunteer Appreciation Picnic 2019

219 All Volunteer Picnic

Camaraderie through the year(s)!

Together, Rein in Sarcoma volunteers plan and carry out events in each season of the year starting with the Winter Gathering, followed by Patient and Family Picnic, Party in the Park; Charity Golf Challenge, Community Bike Fundraiser, Concert, Fall Fundraiser; and Rein in Sarcoma Remembers. Each volunteer shares his or her time to make invitations, decorations, food, finances, logistics, marketing, and program fit together cohesively for a pleasing and productive experience. Volunteers support patients with notebooks, tote bags, and peer mentoring. Volunteers support education and research by writing brochures to hand out at various public events, staffing education tables, providing training for medical professionals about sarcoma, and fundraising. Volunteers create marketing materials and raise sarcoma awareness through social media.



The Seibers

2019 Volunteer Picnic



RIS Volunteer Picnic attendees

This year, we thanked and celebrated Rein in Sarcoma volunteers at a new venue - Central Park in Roseville. Our volunteers demonstrated their care and flexibility throughout the year helping advance our mission to educate, support, and fund research. There are so many different ways to support RIS, that volunteers often do not know each other. The volunteer appreciation picnic is one way to get to know other volunteers and other aspects of RIS. Sitting around picnic tables chatting and enjoying a cool breeze, volunteers played an ice-breaker game and partook of summer foods.

Rein in Sarcoma is funding critical research projects each year, and reaching more patients and families and medical professionals because our volunteers are getting it done. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Recent and Upcoming Events

Red Flags Education Committee

Join us for dinner at 6:00 p.m. Meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. We would love to have new committee members; come if you are interested in expanding awareness of sarcoma. Please RSVP to Sue Wyckoff .