For Patients Facing Amputation

Facing Amputation Surgery: As a youth or adult

These videos are meant for sarcoma cancer patients—both young or adult—who are contemplating the need for amputation in treating your sarcoma or other cancers. Rein in Sarcoma funded the production of these video which features the stories of sarcoma survivors, all of whom who have had amputations as part of their sarcoma cancer treatments.

“A Whole New Life After Bone Sarcoma Surgery”

Dr. Edward Cheng of the University of Minnesota, presents moving stories of young people’s nervousness, courage, and optimism before and after amputation surgery in the treatment of bone sarcoma cancer.

Living Life: Cancer Patients Talk About Amputation

Although the impact of an amputation is profound, this inspiring five-part video is a testament to the human spirit. It demonstrates that the recovery process, both physically and emotionally, is transformational and leads to lives that are flourishing, productive, and joyful. Sarcoma survivor Ruth Bachman shares her journey.