Raising Awareness Through Education

Educating Future Doctors

Raising sarcoma cancer awareness leading to earlier and better diagnosis is a key to the work of Rein in Sarcoma. Increasing Awareness will lead lead to significantly increased sarcoma survivors. One of the ways RIS is raising awareness in the medical community is through lectures for second year medical students at the University of Minnesota. The RIS Sarcoma Scholars have organized the highly informative lectures, along with personal presentations from sarcoma survivors and family members. See the video below and read more here.



2014-2015 Sarcoma ScholarsThe RIS Scholars program, initiated in 2009, makes several annual scholarships awards of $2,000 to $3,000 per student. There have been 21 RIS Scholars since the program's inception. During their year as an RIS scholar the students are involved in a variety of activities in support of Rein in Sarcoma's goal of educating the medical community and public about sarcoma cancers. Read more about the RIS Scholars program.

RedFlag_MG_5404The Red Flags of Sarcoma Cancer is another of Rein in Sarcoma's programs to raise awareness of the disease among medical professionals and the public. This is an awareness campaign that was launched in 2012 and includes outreach activities, a brochure outlining the signs and symptoms of sarcoma cancers as well as a video presentation.

Copies of the brochure can be ordered or a pdf version downloaded.