7th Annual Sarcoma Research Symposium Review

The 7th Annual Sarcoma Research Symposium hosted by Dr. Brenda Weigel and Dr. David Largaespada was held at the end of March. Graduate students, patients and families, researchers and medical professionals heard updates on RIS funded research:  

  • Dr. Kris Ann Schultz, Childrens Minnesota Hospitals & Clinics: “DICER1 Related Sarcomas”   
  • Dr. Beau Webber, University of Minnesota: “Characterization of Ewing sarcoma patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells” 
  • Denise Reinke University of Michigan: Leiomyosarcoma SPORE 
  • Dr. Lauren Mills, University of Minnesota: “Deconvoluting the Ewing sarcoma genetic program using ancestry-informed human iPSC modeling”    
  • Dr. Brittany Siontis, Mayo Clinic: “Multi-Omics to Distinguish Leiomyosarcoma Subtypes” 

Participants also participated in a lab tour and learned about the equipment in the lab, as well as methods, practices, and procedures to create new treatments for sarcoma.  

Our special thank you to Kayli Britos, for providing support and guidance for the event.