Ava’s Story: RIS Summer Intern

Rein in Sarcoma has been so fortunate to have intern Ava Barnett provide support this summer. Ava is a student at St. Olaf majoring in biology and art. She has been a valuable member of our team helping with Party in the Park, Fall Fundraiser: Sunflower Soiree and office administration. 

Ava shares why she wears yellow and how she is connected to RIS: 

“Yellow symbolizes hope, and I wear yellow because my mom is a rare proximal epithelioid sarcoma survivor. Sarcoma cancers are very rare, often misdiagnosed, and difficult to treat. At Rare Disease Day 2023, my mom and I met Rein in Sarcoma, and since then, we have experienced much of the greatness the organization has to offer. Creating awareness, building community, and funding research for such a rare but impactful disease is so important.”