Tribute to Pete and Sue Wyckoff

Wyckoffs receiving tribute

Sue and Pete receiving a special tribute by Janelle Calhoun at the 2017 Fall Fundraiser

The song based on the poem “The Human Touch” by Spencer Michael Free begins, “It’s the human touch in this world that counts.” Have you heard it? Do you know the words? To me it captures the depth of spirit present throughout the existence of Rein In Sarcoma. Spearheading the organization founded by their daughter, Karen, just months before her death from synovial sarcoma, Pete and Sue Wyckoff ensured Rein in Sarcoma has been tirelessly dedicated to people.

A little background for you. Over 50 years ago, Pete and Sue’s first date was a volunteer event. He asked her out, she accepted, and Pete picked up Sue on a moped. He handed her a flower he had accidentally run over - she pinned it on her lapel and off they went to raise money for a campus organization helping students. They have been a strong team ever since. They married at age 21. Sue was a teacher and Pete went to seminary, later becoming an ordained minister with a call as a community organizer through the Presbyterian Church. They had two amazingly intelligent children who emulated their parents drive for excellence and service.

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