Sarcoma Coalition

Sarcoma Coalition member

Sarcoma cancers are rare cancers with all too few organizations working to support sarcoma patients, educate the public and the medical community and to fund research for cures. There are less than ten broad based sarcoma organizations (such as Rein in Sarcoma) and several dozen organizations supporting specific sarcoma sub-types (such as Osteosarcoma, Rhadosarcoma or Leiomyosarcoma).

For decades these organizations have labored side-by-side but never in a full coalition. Because of its rarity, many primary care medical personnel are unfamiliar with sarcoma. Funding for research is scarce and there is little community support for the patient with sarcoma. None of the multiple grass roots organizations for sarcoma have sufficient funds or volunteers to find solutions to all of the problems associated with sarcoma.

All of that changed with the formation of the Sarcoma Coalition in April 2018. Rein in Sarcoma is a member of the Sarcoma Coalition, an organization of sarcoma advocacy groups working together to support sarcoma patients, educate the public and medical community, and help fund research to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for this rare cancer. While united in our commitment and efforts, each Sarcoma Coalition member organization offers its own unique areas of advocacy, resources, and services. For more information and a list of member organizations visit