Sarcoma Story: Oliver Carefull

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Type of Sarcoma: Osteosarcoma
Date of Diagnosis: October 2014
Location: leg

I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in my left femur after 6 months of increasing pain and a charming but worsening limp.  After some intensive research and analysis by my now wife Mary,  we made a treatment plan that would maximize chances of survival by making the most aggressive moves early.  We moved from The Bay Area to London, UK (I’m British).  We found the most experienced doctor in the country and rented a flat as close as possible to the treatment hospital.  After reading quality of life comparisons among war veterans with leg trauma, I opted for an above knee amputation (protocol is to rebuild the leg with a metal rod) and found a surgeon willing to do it immediately.  Losing my leg was infinitely easier than chemotherapy.  I then had over 12 months of chemotherapy and a new biological therapy that focuses the immune system to target nascent cancer cells.  I had every side effect.  I had maybe 5 good days in 365.   After treatment was done, I had a leg made at a private clinic in Hamburg that specializes in hard-to-fit stumps.

I made this 6 minute documentary as a way of combating the lingering effects of chemo brain.  I had very little footage on hand so I borrowed from movies.  I hope you like it.

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