It is Fun to Build Your Own Event 

It can be fun and very rewarding to transform your idea for a fundraising event into reality, and Rein in Sarcoma has tools to make it much easier.   As examples, Tom Boardman has held Tom’s Ride for several years and it is a simple as hopping on a bike and going for a long ride on a beautiful late summer day.   Led by Kari Como, Rogers Youth Hockey Association dedicated a day of hockey to supporting the sarcoma fight in honor of players and a beloved dad.  And Lora Anderson hosts the annual Bob Anderson Memorial golf event annually to honor Bob.   What these events, and others, share in common, is the support they receive from Rein in Sarcoma web platforms that make it easy to promote an event, take registrations, and receive payments.  These three events combined raised tens of thousands of dollars for the fight, and they all arose from a spark of imagination.  From hockey, cycling, and golf, to whatever your imagination holds, and whether it is modest or grand, we can help make your dream real.  

If you have an idea to discuss, we would love to hear from you and help lay it out for you.  Please contact David at, and I will respond quickly.