Sarcoma Story: Wade Hohol

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Type of Sarcoma: Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma (MFH)
Date of Diagnosis: 2007
Location: leg

A superhero appears when least expected.

Wade Hohol was a great man with many exceptional qualities: integrity, honesty, compassion, and patience. He lived as a loving husband, an attentive father, a caring son and brother, a fun-loving friend. Wade provided for his family and made time for his many interests, including working out. It was not initially much of a concern in October of 2006 when Wade first noticed a small knot in his leg. A pulled muscle would not slow down a superhero. By Christmastime, the knot was more troublesome and painful. MRI results brought an unacceptable diagnosis on January 10, 2007 of Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma (MFH) at the age of 32. He and his doctors mapped a fierce battle plan.

A superhero fights the forces of evil, making it look effortless.

Wade went to war with soft tissue sarcoma. Neither would meet a tougher opponent. Chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, another surgery, more chemotherapy, more radiation, continued chemotherapy, and forays into drug trials. The battle raged on for eight years.

A superhero exhibits unfathomable strength, love, bravery and grace.

This man knew and understood his enemy, as much as anyone can ever grasp the capabilities of such a demon. Yet, cancer did not define Wade; he never relinquished control of his life. Treatments and their side effects may have been part of Wade’s life, but they never dominated the way he lived. Wade loved up his wife and children, continued working in his career, helped with homework and coaching and chores around the house, and cheered on his Green Bay Packers.

A superhero is endearing, so that we cannot imagine a life without his presence.

Wade loved each day as though he did not have cancer, and remained determined to eradicate it. He did not complain. He soldiered on. He even lifted our spirits when we faltered.

A superhero leaves when he knows his work here is done.

There was no surrender. There was affection and acceptance. When the battle ended, there was peace. Wade did not lose his life to cancer. Wade fulfilled what was promised, in his chosen time. Wade left with all of us overwhelming admiration, everlasting devotion and unending gratitude.

Most people never get to meet a superhero. We were lucky enough to live and love with ours until February 7, 2015.

Written by Michelle Feldman, Andrea Krinke and Lexi Hohol

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