Sarcoma Story – Miranda Mead

Miranda Mead

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Type of Sarcoma: Ewing Sarcoma
Date of Diagnosis: 2015
Location: spine

Miranda was diagnosed just after her 15th birthday with Metastatic Ewing Sarcoma and was given a 30% chance of survival. She endured 14 rounds of aggressive chemotherapy, 31 days of proton radiation at Mayo, and 10 days of photon radiation. In May of 2021, Miranda was declared five years cancer-free. 

During treatment Miranda became an advocate for kids fighting cancer and traveled frequently to Washington, DC where she spoke on the National Mall and met with senators and congressional representatives. She even spoke on the National Stock Exchange in New York.

Rein in Sarcoma has also been an amazing presence in Miranda’s life since her diagnosis and she considers it an honor and a privilege to advocate for Sarcoma research and awareness. Over the last five years, RIS has provided Miranda with many opportunities to advocate for and stay informed about her disease. Thanks to RIS, Miranda has had the opportunity to speak to medical students at the University of Minnesota, is a member of SARC, interviews sarcoma researchers, and works with the United States Department of Defense to fund sarcoma research proposals.  

As a survivor, Miranda works hard and plays hard. She is now 21, loves to travel, volunteer, and spend time with friends and family. At college she works as a writing tutor and class facilitator. She is especially excited about her internship this summer with Polaris. In the fall she will be returning to the University of St. Thomas where she will complete her last three months of college – including studying abroad in South Africa –  and will graduate in January. Miranda is in the top 10% of her class and will graduate with a Business Communications degree.

No matter what she does, Miranda will always work with Rein in Sarcoma to advocate for sarcoma fighters in any way she can.

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