Seeking Leiomyosarcoma Patient Advocates

Seeking Leiomyosarcoma Patient Advocates to participate in the LMS Spore Research Project. The LMS SPORE project is an incredible opportunity to further research in LMS. Input and support from the LMS SPORE Research Advocates is important, valued, and needed. Advocates will attend virtual meetings quarterly between now and November 2024. Obtaining the patient perspective provides insight and guidance to researchers. Some of the discussion and input for Advocates will include: 

  • Priorities (What is important to patients?) 
  • Feasibility (Are the plans doable for patients?) 
  • Education (Communicate research agenda/importance) 
  • Disseminate information (Clinical study availability & research results) 

If you’re interested in participating or finding out more about this opportunity, please contact Lachelle Semanko at