We are excited to share that the 9th edition of the Sarcoma Patient Guidebook Take Charge of Your Sarcoma Story is now available for download!  

This free guidebook is a helpful resource containing sarcoma basics, support resources and is in an easy to navigate format. It may be the first introduction to Rein in Sarcoma for newly diagnosed sarcoma patients, so the guidebook outlines our mission and support services available to patients and their loved ones.   

We want to give a huge thank you to the volunteers that were responsible for writing content, editing, and providing feedback:  Mel Bassett, Joan Darling and Yatharth Sharma, Jan Maudlin Sarcoma Scholars: Firas Hikmat and Allison Dona, and project leader, Elsa Keeler MD. 

We hope our Sarcoma Patient Guidebook will provide the information and support that sarcoma patients are seeking. Click here to download or order your copy.