Winter Gathering at Bachman’s – January 29th

Includes Support and Great Entertainment

2016 Gathering Sarcoma Survivors

Come out of the cold and join us on January 29th for our Winter Gathering at scenic Bachman’s Garden Center. The Gathering will be held from 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. at Bachman’s Lyndale Corporate Office in Minneapolis. This will be a highly entertaining, motivational and encouraging afternoon. Sarcoma patients, survivors and their loved ones are encouraged to join us to find support and community with others affected by sarcoma.

Bachman - RuthThe program will include a panel of three  sarcoma survivors moderated by sarcoma survivor, Ruth Bachman. Sarcoma has not stopped Ruth from being a mountain climber, writer, author, educator, sarcoma survivorship advocate, and woman of faith.  She lives her timeless message about the one constant in life -- change. Our three panelists will include  osteosarcoma survivor Anna Sanders Schetinski, undifferentiated pleomorphic (MFH) sarcoma survivor Dick Deblieck and soft tissue sarcoma not otherwise specified survivor Sarina McNamara. They  will take turns sharing their sarcoma stories and answering questions from the audience.

We will also enjoy a fun and highly motivational performance from comedian Tim Gabrielson. Tim will ignite the crowd to laugh and think positively, turning “Lemons into Laughter.” Find more information about our Winter Gathering panel speakers and comedian and author Tim Gabrielson below.


Anna Sanders Schetinski

Anna Sanders Schetinski is a sixteen-year osteosarcoma survivor who was diagnosed as a teenager. In an article titled “Things that Beating the “C” Word Taught Me about Life", written for Children’s Cancer Research Fund, Anna wrote, “I remember thinking I had two options: to go about life as I knew it, with a certain unhappy ending, or to fight and face the obstacles ahead of me even though I was afraid. This was the moment I became a new person. I decided that cancer would not define me. Being a fighter would define me.”

DeBlieck_DickDick Deblieck is a six-year undifferentiated pleomorphic (MFH) sarcoma survivor who will also share his story. As a healthy 59-year old man preparing for an in-line skating marathon, Dick was surprised when a lump on his shoulder was diagnosed as sarcoma. He endured thirty-one radiation treatments and two surgeries and is thankful of the good care he received from Dr. Denis Clohisy a sarcoma specialist at the University of Minnesota.

Sarina McNamaraSarina McNamara, our third panelist commented "Most twenty-four year olds are lucky and they don’t even know it,” said 24-year old Sarina McNamara. After going through seven rounds of chemotherapy, Sarina said she’s learned to appreciate the simple things in life, “I appreciate my eyelashes and the way they protect my eyes.”. Sarina was first diagnosed with sarcoma in December 2014 after finding a lump in her leg. Since then she’s been treated at the University of Minnesota Masonic Center. She’s been very pleased with the support both her doctors at the U of M and volunteers from the Rein in Sarcoma Foundation have given her. “Rein in Sarcoma is really awesome."

TimGabrielson_StoolComedian Tim Gabrielson says "I want to ignite people to live better, more productive and happier lives." Gabrielson is a native of Minnesota and has been performing magic shows since 1989 at the age of sixteen. Gabrielson’s shows have a unique blend of magic and comedy. He has performed in many venues, including in Las Vegas. Gabrielson has a philosophy of responding rather than reacting. He encourages people to modify their thoughts to be positive so they can be enthusiastic and increase their over-all well-being and happiness. He is the author of the book Lemons to Laughter.

We hope that everyone who attends our Winter Gathering leaves feeling uplifted, supported and empowered to live their best lives.

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