Awareness Month Campaign

July is sarcoma awareness month and a great opportunity to bring this rare cancer to light. Sarcoma awareness is symbolized by the color yellow and yellow ribbon, so this year Rein in Sarcoma will be doing a social media campaign, “Why I Wear Yellow” during the month of July. The campaign will raise awareness through the personal quotes/stories of survivors, family members, medical professionals and supporters.  

We are asking you to participate in this campaign by sharing “why you wear yellow then”: 

  • Send us a photo of you (and others if you choose) wearing yellow and a short quote  
  • Share a short video sharing “why you wear yellow” 
  • Post and share on your personal social media (use these hashtags #sarcoma #sarcomacancer #sarcomaawareness #sarcomaawarenessmonth #reininsarcoma #julyissarcomaawarenessmonth #sarcomaresearch #sarcomasurvivor #sarcomathriver #sarcomastrong #whyiwearyellow) 

Please send your photos/videos and quotes to by June 23. Thank you for helping us Increase Awareness and Increase Survivors!