RIS Partners With Bethel University PA Students to Release Patient-Centered Videos

We are excited to share the first release of patient-centered videos thanks to Bethel University Physician Assistant students, Jennifer Gribble, PA-S, Jaclyn Robles, PA-S, and Taylor Schreier, PA-S. As a part of their PA program, they partnered with Rein in Sarcoma to create sarcoma education videos for patients and their families. The videos answer frequently asked questions, address pertinent topics related to a new diagnosis, and offer hope to sarcoma patients and family members. These videos will expand RIS sarcoma education worldwide. You can watch the first three videos on SARCOMA OVERVIEW – YouTube 

In the first video, Dr. Christian Ogilvie gives an overview of bone and soft tissue sarcomas. There is also videos on sarcoma treatment overview and supportive care. Watch and share these videos. Knowledge is power!! 

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