RIS Tote Bag Program

The RIS Patient and Family Support Committee, made up of many members who are sarcoma survivors, decided that one way they could help newly diagnosed or relapsed patients was to have gift bags available for hospital nurses to give to these patients to demonstrate that they are not alone in their battle with sarcoma.  Several months ago they sat down and brain stormed things they would have liked to have if they were to receive this “tote bag of hope”

Each bag may be a little different as we have received many donations for the bags. Included in the bag are a handmade blanket, shawl, colorful pillow case, adult or children’s coloring book, tooth brush and tooth paste, lip balm, socks, Willow Tree Angel and a gift card etc.  Also included is a list of RIS patient support activities and how to contact us. 

The RIS Tote Bags are being distributed to new or relapsed sarcoma patients at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, Masonic Children’s Hospital, the Mayo Clinic (both adults and children) and the University of Minnesota.

RIS Tote Bag Recipe

To make a RIS Sarcoma Patient Tote bag you need care, love, creativity and a few basic ingredients. The purpose of the bags is to let sarcoma patients know that we care about them and want to make their cancer journey a little less painful.

Help donate RIS Tote Bag Ingredients:

The bags are in categories, children under 10, young adults, men and women.

We are looking for donations of the following items:

  1. Lip balm
  2. Adult Coloring Books
  3. Children’s Coloring Books
  4. Colored Pencils
  5. Good Lotion in small containers
  6. Toiletry bags (small, but big enough to fit lip balm, a toothbrush, small toothpaste and a small lotion).
  7. Restaurant gift certificates, i-tunes gift cards (for teens), or cash so we can buy them

Please contact us at admin@reininsarcoma.org if you are interested in making a donation of the tote bag ingredients or have questions about our program.

Interested in joining the Patient and Family Support Committee? Apply to volunteer here