Volunteers Needed for May 2022 Ninja Anywhere-Rochester Event

Ninja Anywhere - May 15, 2022

Rein in Sarcoma is holding a Ninja Anywhere obstacle course fundraiser at The Little Thistle Brewery in Rochester, MN on May 15, 2022, to raise funds for sarcoma research. We need your help organizing and carrying out this event. Not all volunteer tasks require you to be in Rochester.

Volunteer Needs

  1. Solicit sponsorships from Rochester businesses and surrounding areas (including the Twin Cities)-we have materials created that will help you with this outreach: 
  • Send emails, make phone calls, visit businesses to ask for sponsorship dollars and support 
  • Provide updates to the planning committee monthly 
  1. Recruit people to participate in event (looking to recruit 200+ participants):
  • Generate ideas for recruiting event participants 
  • Actively recruit participants 
  • Make outreach to groups, gyms, community members, medical professionals, etc. 
  • Provide updates to the planning committee monthly 
  1. Day of event volunteers (location: Rochester; 4-5 hour shifts): 
  • Set up crew: Help with last-minute set up items (e.g., traffic cones, COVID protocols, award/picture booth) 
  • Last-minute registration: Assist with waiver and registration completion; volunteers will have a phone/iPad to assist them with registration 
  • Check in table: Volunteer will have access to an iPad with registration and waiver list and will provide Ninjas with wristbands and check them into their heat 
  • Timers: Volunteers will be given a stopwatch to time the events and will be prepped day-of on scoring rules 
  • Score keeper: Use iPad to track and record Ninja times 
  • Ninja referee: Assist Ninja Anywhere staff to communicate course rules and will oversee the start of each heat (e.g., tell the Ninjas where to stand, confirm Ninjas are ready to go, and hit the starting buzzer) 
  • Bouncers: Make sure the audience and bystanders stay off the course 

The Sarcoma Ninja event will bring together individuals and teams to fight back against sarcoma and compete/complete the Ninja Anywhere obstacle course. This is a timed mobile course with adjusted levels of difficulty. (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).  

The course consists of a mobile unit that comes complete with a ninja gym, two large inflatables, and an agility course. 

If you are interested in helping with this event, please email kengelby@reininsarcoma.org 

You can also participate as a ninja! Sign-up will be available soon! 

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