Volunteer Spotlight – Sarah Giga

Sarah and Mike Giga and Julie Rose
Sarah and Mike Giga, and Julie Rose

This month, we would like to recognize Sarah Giga, a long time RIS Board member and passionate leader. Sarah has been engaged with RIS from the beginning as a friend of Karen Wyckoff’s big brother, Peter. Sarah was a charter member of the Board of Directors.
Over a dozen years she served in many positions including as Vice-President of the board. She has been instrumental in facilitating Rein in Sarcoma strategic planning process and the development of two organizational long term plans. Sarah currently serves as a key member of our Talent and Resources (personnel) Committee and has been closely involved in the hiring, evaluating, and support our staff, including our new Executive Director, Janelle Calhoun.
Sarah helped with our signature event, Party in the Park, for many years as our merchandise chair and also helped to secure our ice cream vendor, which we have continued to utilize each year. To help our outreach efforts, Sarah created our Facebook page over six years ago; it has since grown to over 2,000 followers.
In real life, Sarah works for Children’s Hospitals and Clinics and Minnesota and with her husband, Mike, lives in Roseville. We thank Sarah for her time, passion, wisdom, and dedication to RIS!

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