Donate to RIS Named Funds


Rein in Sarcoma Named Funds are established by individuals and families to honor the lives of specific sarcoma patients and survivors though their Tribute or Memorial Gifts. Named Funds are encouraged not only to honor individuals but to enhance the mission of Rein In Sarcoma to:

  • Educate the public and medical professionals about sarcoma cancers
  • Support patients and their loved ones
  • Fund research directed toward developing new treatments and finding a cure for sarcoma cancers

To donate to any RIS Named Fund, just choose the name of the person you wish to honor from the Named Fund drop down menu of our secure donation form.

Learn more about RIS Tribute and Memorial Named Funds including qualifying donations, use of named fund donations and benefits of establishing a named fund.

Rein In Sarcoma Tribute and Memorial Named Funds:

Nicole Anderson Fund (established May 2016)

Julian Baultrippe Fund (established October 2009)

Richard Berqual Fund (established August 2014)

Hallie Ann Brown Fund (established September 2013)

William Clemens Fund (established April 2010)

Aaron Conley Fund (established June 2013)

Nick Convey Fund (established July 2017)

Brett Dale Fund (established May 2011)

Therese Daniel Fund (established July 2013)

Meghan Marie DeBruycker Fund (established December 2014)

Jerome Detviler Fund (established June 26, 2009)

Perry Ford Fund (established June 2016)

Wade Hohol Fund (established March 2015)

Lora Homquist (established May 2016)

Alyssa Jeske Dobson Fund (established June 2012)

Judy Jones Fund (established November 2017)

Katelyn Jurek Fund (established June 2011)

Barbara Kimker Fund (established July 6, 2009)

Marge Krauter Fund (established July 2017)

Emilie Lemmons Fund (established July 12, 2009)

Jacob Martell Fund (established April 2015)

Jan Maudlin RIS Sarcoma Scholar Fund (established June 2014)

Miranda Mead Fund (established January 2017)

Jackie J. Middleton Fund (established June 2011)

Heidi Minor Fund (established 2017)

Kevin O'Keefe Fund (established July 2013)

Beverly and Dean Osterman Fund (established June 6, 2009)

Andrea Pomeroy Fund (established June 2011)

Anna Rogotzke Fund (established June 2011)

Beverly Ann Schuld Fund (established November 2014)

Eric Skogman/Mud Dog Sarcoma Ride Fund (established July 8, 2009)

Mark Wehner Fund (established May 3, 2014)

Elinda Bates Wing Fund (established June 10, 2009)

Judith B Wolson Fund (established December 30, 2016)

Laura Zeccardi Fund (established May 28, 2013)

To donate to any of these RIS Named Funds, just chose the name of the person you wish to honor in the "Named Fund" drop down menu of our secure donation form.